Asian Fusion Restaurants


The fusion or the blending of cuisines has been a trend among restaurants for a while now. Many might not have noticed it primarily because they are too busy to look around or they’ve enjoyed their food too much. Some of the fusion cuisines you usually see nowadays are the mix of Latin and Vietnamese foods that are served in one restaurant.

Asian Fusion Restaurants

Note that when we say “fusion”, it is not technically the mixing of different ingredients from two cuisines, but merely serving both cuisines side by side. Their menu would basically consist of two or more types cuisines; mostly Asian and Latin recipes. This idea of fusing cuisines has been thought of maybe because the world has a diverse culture. With the influence of the media, people nowadays become curious in tasting other dishes other than their own. And because colonization is common during our early years, some dishes we know have actually been influenced by the food from other cultures.

In some cities and states, in fact, you can find a food strip that would bring you around the world. You would see restaurants that serve various dishes from Asia to Europe to South America to US. And because some restaurant owners want to hit two birds in one stone, they decided to fuse two cuisines.

It is important to note that although two cuisines have been fused and served in one restaurant, they have, for the most part, built a high wall around themselves to distinguish their difference from one another. However, this wall can be broken with authority; that is, it depends upon the restaurant’s chef and its manager as well.

There are food fusions wherein a food that is based primarily on one culture is prepared using the ingredients that is inherent to another culture. Take for example, taco pizzas which are a combination of European and Hispanic cuisine; the pizza is made up of cheddar, pepper jack cheese, salsa, and other ingredients of taco. Another example is that of a rolling maki wherein different types of rice are used with cheese, and salsa.

Asian Fusion Restaurants

Restaurants like these usually have a high risk of failing. However, its success can be attributed to several factors. One is the cultural diversity of your target market. If you are staying in a city wherein there is a wide range of diversity in terms of race and culture, it would be best that you do a survey first. These surveys can be in a form of questionnaire or an ocular survey will do. You can also try to get information with the local government as to what cultures comprise the majority of the population.

Aside from that, it also depends upon the travel practices of the population. More often than not, their preference of food would depend upon the places they have traveled to; they usually try new cuisines in their travels and when they like it, they would usually go to restaurants in their hometown that serves these dishes.

Asian Fusion Restaurants

Lastly, it would also depend upon their openness to try new food. Some clients are picky with food and they tend to eat only those that they are familiar with. This, however, can be changed through proper marketing and advertising of the products.

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