Cilantro: A Latin-Asian Ingredient


Cilantro, otherwise known as Chinese parsley, is one of the ingredients used in cooking Latin-Asian cuisines. It is a green feather-like herb that has a strong aroma. It is most commonly used to garnish dishes, as well as to add flavor to summer salads. Aside from being a fine food decorative, Cilantro also has its health benefits.

Cilantro: A Latin-Asian Ingredient

Cilantro is said to be very effective in cleansing our bodies with toxin. The chemical composition of cilantro binds with toxic substances, loosening them up from our affected tissues. More often than not, its herbal properties are used by people who are exposed to a toxic metal called Mercury. Its users report reduction of their disoriented state after consuming moderate to large amounts of Cilantro over a period of time.

Aside from that, Cilantro also helps in aiding your digestive health by pain relief caused by intestinal gases. It is also helpful in the treatment of urinary tract infections since it aids in the reduction of inflammation. It is very nutritious as it is rich in vitamins that help in relieving stress, nausea, and headaches as well.

Cilantro: A Latin-Asian Ingredient

As to the taste of Cilantro, opinions really differ from person to person. It has a strange taste and aroma which is very difficult to describe. Although several people like its fresh and pungent flavor, a few of them strongly dislike the taste of cilantro as they claim it tastes soapy.

Depending on your purpose of using Cilantro, its preparation actually differs. If you want to treat your indigestion or colic, you need to prepare a cilantro tea preparation. However, if you want to prevent infections on your open wound, you might want to crush the herb first and then sprinkle it on the wound before washing it with soap and water. Note that these are only recommended when your condition is not yet severe as it is intended only as home remedy.

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