Don Chinos Food Truck


Food is the most basic necessity of all living creatures in the planet besides air. This is basically the reason why one of the most promising business ventures is that of the food business. One of the rising sectors in this industry is that of the food trucks.

Don Chinos Food Truck

A food truck is a travelling food business that enables one to sell anytime, anywhere as long as it is not prohibited. You can usually see them in parks or at public beaches. One of the famous food trucks we have today is the Don Chinos Food Truck that serves customers with a mixture of Latin-Asian cuisine.

What makes Dos Chinos unique from the rest is that they allow you to choose what type and how you like your meat to be cooked; from Vietnamese to Korean style, and you can even choose to go tropical. They have different combos you could choose from; taco, burrito, and quesadilla combos.

Don Chinos Food Truck

They also serve Ala Carte Style for just a small price. Their menu serves Latin-American dishes which include Papas Fritas Con Carne. Aside from that, they also have specialty drinks where you could choose whether you choose Asian or Latin flavored drinks.

Because of their Asian dishes, they are one of the most-sought after fast food trucks for Asians as they also serve rice.

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