Korean-Mexican Fusion Dishes


One of the famous Korean-Mexican fusion dishes in some of the food trucks in California is the Bul-Kogi beef, otherwise known as bulgogi. It is a traditional Korean dish consists of thin-cut sirloin and other prime cut beefs.

Korean-Mexican Fusion Dishes

In preparing Korean BulKogi Beef, you need to marinate the beef first with the mixture of garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, red wine, beef stock, black pepper, and scallions for 1-2 hours or more. Although marinating ingredients and recipe may vary accordingly, those are actually the basic ingredients. Soy sauce and sesame oil forms the base of the marinade sauce, meanwhile the rest of the ingredients create the characteristic flavor of the dish. To achieve best results, you should use high quality steak cuts like that of a tender sirloin. It is important to note that they should thinly sliced before you marinate them. After marinating, the beef is then ready to be grilled and is usually served with rice according to preference.

Kogi beef became so popular in the United States mainly because the beef is so tender that in can melt in your mouth. The quality of the beef used and the tenderizing process of the beef make this dish very delicious, capturing the tastes of the majority. It is important to note that the key to tenderizing this type of beef is that you have to pat it in the opposite direction of its texture using the back of your knife. This process, however, may take time; which is why it is highly recommended that you tenderize it while you are on the process of marinating.

Korean-Mexican Fusion Dishes

Because of its flavorful and out of the ordinary taste, no wonder it has become popular among Americans. These Kogi beefs are commonly fused together with traditional Mexican home-made tortillas. The most popular fusion truck serving this type of cuisine is actually the Kogi BBQ which already has 5 food trucks and one bar located in Los Angeles, California. Kogi BBQ’s food truck serves tacos that are filled with Kogi beef, Kogi hotdogs, kimchi quesadillas, and other dishes; all of which use the traditional way of marinating Kogi beef.

The fusion of two cuisines in one restaurant has become increasingly popular today primarily because of the diversity of culture living in one place. Everybody has become adventurous in terms of food that they would actually want to try anything that is new to them.

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