Street Food Culture of Latin America and Asians


Street food is actually common in both Mexico and South East Asia. In these countries, you would commonly see food vendors on the street, selling different kinds of foods from vegetables to noodles to other delicacies. As opposed to dining in restaurants, eating street food is actually way cheaper — sometimes even cheaper than fast food chains.

Street Food Culture of Latin America and Asians

In Mexico, you would greatly appreciate their street food culture especially on their holidays. You would actually see dishes that are typical to Latin America such as tortillas, stuffed cheese and vegetables, tacos, and quesadillas. You can also enjoy different recipes for corn as an ingredient and as a food itself. Some recipes that make use of corns include tortillas, gorditas, and some shredded meat and salsa.

In South East Asian countries, on the other hand, rice is definitely the main dish. Their street food would include steamed and fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, spring rolls, as well as noodles. Noodles and the wrappers for spring rolls are usually made up of rice flour. Popular Asian street food dishes include Vietnamese pho, pad Thai, and NasiGoreng.

Another common thing between Mexicans and South East Asians is their love for spicy foods; which is why when you are travelling to these places, you should expect their street foods to be spicy. The types of spices they use, however, may differ as the Asians usually use ginger, garlic, lemongrass, and turmeric to create a flavorful food. Mexicans, on the other hand, use pungent oregano and chipotle. But they also have a common ground in terms of spices because both cultures use cumin and coriander. Aside from that, both also use pork and chicken as their ingredients.

Their street food cultures have also caught the attention of several western and first-world countries. The street food of these countries takes in the form of food stands and food trucks that you commonly see in the train station, at the streets, and at the park.

Street Food Culture of Latin America and Asians

Because of the ease of travel and the growing number of immigrants to other countries, the world has been increasingly diverse; you can see a lot of Asians and Latinos in United States nowadays. This diversity has created the idea of fusing various food cultures in food stations and restaurants. Some restaurants nowadays serve two cuisines at a time; one restaurant may serve Mexican and Vietnamese cuisine, while some may serve Mexican and Thailand cuisines.

Fusing and combining two different cuisines might sound odd for some, but others actually find it delightful; it is just in a matter of the client’s drive to exploring new tastes. Fusion of cuisines actually has two types. One type is the one that was mentioned above where a restaurant serves two or more cuisines. Another type is the use of another culture’s ingredients to make a food that is known for a certain culture.

Street Food Culture of Latin America and Asians

These fusion cuisines are the result of the creative mind of both the owner and the chef of the restaurant. It has opened the mind of the people into embracing the diversity of each culture. It also helps in getting to know other cultures as well; somehow eliminating racism.

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