Why Use Linen Napkins in Restaurants?


Linen napkins are essential equipment in a restaurant especially when it serves soup or foods that have sauce. This is primarily because they can be messy to eat; requiring you to dab on your face a little to remove any food debris. Although some may prefer to use tissue table napkins to do away with washing, using linen napkins can be very beneficial.

Why Use Linen Napkins in Restaurants?

Using linen napkins are actually cheaper than tissue napkins in the long run. At first, you may find them expensive as it may cost you around $20 to $100 (depending on the type of napkin you decide to buy), but if you calculate the number of tissue napkins you will need on average to serve the needs of the customer, it is actually cheaper.

They also add to the decoration of the table since you can choose designs or fold it according to the restaurant’s theme or to the occasion. It is important to note that when you prepare a table for meals whether you are hosting dinner or running a restaurant, presentation is really very important. This is primarily because humans process with the eyes and first impressions really matter.

Why Use Linen Napkins in Restaurants?

Linen napkins are more durable than paper napkins. It doesn’t instantly tear apart when it gets stained with sauce or any liquid; thus eliminating the need to get a new one. This is especially important if you have kids as customers because, more often than not, they would only play with them and crumple them.

Aside from all that, using reusable napkins can help in reducing the amount of trash we throw away; thus, you will be helping the environment. Even though paper napkins are biodegradable, it takes time for them to decompose and with our overwhelming population, garbage are just piling up in the landfills.

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